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You'll hear recordings from today's top performing churches on how to structure your weekly giving talk, prepare for your seaonal offerings.

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Size of congregations that have seen dramatic results with Giving Rocket in just the first 30 days.


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"As a pastor your role is always changing, depending upon the needs of your team, your congregation, and your community.  We've heard from thousands of leaders just like yourself express their frustrations and concerns about how to receive a healthy, consistent offering each week."

Done-For-You Resources That You Can Swipe And Use NOW


We Guarantee That You Will Grow Giving In Your Church Or Your Money Back


We have created 12 Modules of Online learning That Teaches Participants EXACTLY How To Increase Regular Giving For Their Church

our Financial Funding Plan

Develop a financial funding plan for the next 12 months and create three financial objectives for your church.

Creating a Plan to Get Money

Create an annual funding plan with a step-by-step action item list and accomplish your financial goals for the year.

How to Get People to Give

Learn the five reasons people give and how to communicate to each type of giver, both on stage and in writing.

The #1 Way to Get More Money for Ministry

After surveying 1,000 churches, we found out the #1 way to get more people to give. We’ll tell you what we learned.  This module will pay for your Giving Rocket coaching investment for years to come.

Giving Made Easy

Ensure your church is “giver friendly” with simple tools that will attract new types of donor.

Create Happy Givers

Master best follow up practices to encourage repeat giving with communication templates you can copy and paste.

How to Attract High Impact Givers

Learn to recognize and encourage your high impact givers without manipulating them to give; it’s a fine line.



Three Sundays That Will Revolutionize Your Bank Account

Prepare for success on these three special offering Sundays with proven communication packets and coaching.

Help Your Congregation Win Financially

Access a simple financial training system for the people in your church to help everyone understand spending, debt, saving and giving.

How to Preach on Money (And Do It Well)

Start preaching money effectively and confidently with this smart, simple, easy-to-learn sermon series and associated messages.

Building the Best Board or Finance Team in Town

Learn the tricks to picking the right finance team members and how to fire the wrong. Recruit and retain your best teams, without looking for bankers or accountants.

Church Budgeting Made Simple

The fool proof way to create margin in your next budget, we’ll teach you how to eliminate complication while creating budgets in a way that your staff will love.

IMPORTANT:  Giving Rocket & Christmas Coaching videos, audio, worksheets, and other information is available online and can be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones for stationary and "on the go" learning.


Elite Coaching Delivered Directly To You Without Paying A High Ticket Consultant

Access To A World Class Resource Vault That Gives You An Edge On Any Giving Strategy

Join our private facebook community of leaders and members where you can ask questions, get answers, and learn more from your peers and colleagues.
Download, Share and Deploy Written Coaching That Will Give You The Systems You and Your Team Need For Sustained Financial Growth
Access The Coaching In Each Module That Has Delivered Giving Increase To Over 2,000 Churches
Here’s How The #1 Church Financial System Is Organized To Give Your More First Time Givers and Loyal Ongoing Givers:

Select Which Plan Best Suits Your Needs

Experience a return on your investment by implementing simple changes from Module 1


15 to 50,000

20% - 50%

Don’t Take Our Word For It. See What Other Church Leaders Have To Say About The Giving Rocket Effect:

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"We've been using the Giving Rocket Core Coaching program for less than a year and we have begun several healthy practices that we have gotten from you guys. - quarterly giving statements, offering intros, first time giver letter/notes and connecting with significant givers. Our giving has increased over 30% from last fall to this spring!"

Our giving has increased over 30% from last fall to this spring!

The Grove Church

"I know that I've told you this before, but Giving Rocket is making a huge difference in developing disciples at our church. This is BIGGER than our offering going up, which they have in a big way; to us this is about making fully devoted disciples of Jesus. Money is a BIG part of that!"

Giving Rocket is making a huge difference in developing disciples at our church. 

Momentum Christian Church

"As the lead pastor of the Journey Church, I highly recommend Giving Rocket to all pastors of all church sizes. WHY? Because if you will use the resources they put into your hands, I promise you they will work for you. In fact, in 6 months  our overall giving has increased by 50% from $25,000 per week to $38,000 per week in tithes and offerings. In closing, I want to say thank you to Casey and the entire Giving Rocket team for their off-the-charts, GO GOD efforts to see the Kingdom advence through biblical giving."

In 6 months, our overall giving has increased by 50%!

The Journey Church

"We usually average around $6,500 per week in our offering. Our previous highest regular offering was $8,994. This past sunday, with no special giving emphasis, we received $13,059 in an un-designated giving! I think it's safe to say, I wish we'd purchased Giving Rocket MONTHS AGO. The giving talks alone, with a little local creativity, are worth the price of the program."

The giving talks alone, with a little local creativity, are worth the price of the program.

Bridge Way Community Church

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"This is awesome!! God is so good. We currently use giving rocket and have been utilizing the resources found in Giving Rocket since we joined in 2011! I, personally, have recommended it to everyone who asks me how we are able to do so much ministry in an economy that had been tanking. Number 1. God is not broke! We know that. We remind our people of that continually. Number 2. We teach about money every single week and ensure they understand what they GET to be a part of when they give! God has honored the obedience of so many, and we have been able to reach more people for Jesus! This weekend, we officially launch our second campus! Thank you, Giving Rocket - We are grateful for your partnership and pray that God continues to use you to advance His kingdom!"

- PAULA SELLECK- The Journey Church





If you invest in the Giving Rocket Coaching System your church will experience AT LEAST a 53rd week of annual revenue this year, if not a 13th MONTH, or you can email us on January 2nd and ask for a full refund.  No Questions Asked.

If You Want To Know Exactly What It Takes To Get Your Church In Right Financial Standing and Beyond, You Will Get Exactly What You Need In Giving Rocket.